• 40 Discrete Custom Microphone Pre-amplifiers
  • 40 Three Band Parametric Equalizers with High/Low Pass Filters
  • 6 Sub-Group VCA Controlled Mixing Faders
  • 40 P&G Faders with Custom DBX 202 VCAs
  • 1 Quad Mix Buss
  • 2 Cue Sends (2 Mono or 1 Stereo Headphone Mix) also used as Effect sends in Mix Mode.
  • 4 Effects Sends
  • 4 Effects Send/Return Master Modules (8 Total, 4 Delay and 4 Reverb Returns with Feedback Feature)
  • 24 Master I/O Modules with 24 Sub-Mix Matrix Sends and Monitor Returns
  • 12 main I/O Modules with Monitor Returns
  • 36 Direct transformer balanced module outputs.
  • 1 Custom Quad Master Mix Module with 2 Main Stereo Mix Buss Faders and 1 Quad Master Fader and Speaker Select Switch. All outputs except Cue 1&2 are transformer balanced.
  • 1 Control Room Module with Monitor Program and Speaker Select Switch.
  • 1 Studio Module with monitor Program and Speaker Select Switch.
  • 1 Communication Module with Talkback, Oscillator, Slate and more.
  • Phantom power.

Modifications and Some Special Features;

  • All electrolytic condensers have been replaced.
  • Compumix Automation has been adapted for PC and is available on request.


Brand & Type of Patch-bay: Mosses and Mitchell (TT)
Qty of Patchbay(s): 15 rows of 36 points
Location of Patchbay: Right
Brand of Cabling: Belden

Connection to the outer world: TAG blocks

Additional two stereo mixes with talkback possibilities.

Additional two blocks of four mic. preamps with AM 10.

Additional six four-channel mic. mixers with AM 10.

Additional two Coronado compressor expanders.

18 stereo NTP 177 bar graph PPM.

4 stereo RTW 1108 bar graph PPM with memory.


Original Manual: Yes
Is Manual Complete: Yes
Includes Tech Report: Yes
Modifications Documented: Yes